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Bingo night-Pope John Paul II award

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A great night was had by all last night in the Crossroads Cong community centre as the many of the young people taking part in the Pope John Paul II awards organised a special once off fundraising bingo night for the local community in order to raise money for their parish youth project.

 Almost 200 people from all over Cong, Cross and the Neale and even further afield came out to support these wonderful young people who worked so hard with their award leaders to create such a wonderful night for all the community.

 This event was months in the making, and it’s success is owed to the support of so many from the local community, especially those who so generously contributed to it not only with their time and attendance on the night, but with their financial sponsorship for the bingo itself and the raffle.

It was a great night had by all, and it’s success will allow the Pope John Paul II participants to move ahead in the next stage of their youth project. Watch this space as great things to continue in this parish 🙂