WHEN the whole country was told to enjoy the sunshine because it would be the last we’d see of it I raised my hand in Mayo News HQ to discover some tourism gems.


What better way to spend a day than rediscovering some of my favourite spots around Mayo, and in the sunshine no less. The only downside to getting out of the office for the day was my mode of transport, I offered to visit ‘Joyce Country’ by bike, forgetting that the last time I was on the saddle was nearly a year ago.

After a few false starts (borrowing a bike only to find it was meant for someone over six foot tall) I hit towards the border, on a mountain bike with deflating tyres. The dodgy tyres couldn’t deflate the mood though, the sky was blue, the tunes were great (yes, I had earphones in, but the music was really low, I promise) and the open road meandering through the Lough Mask area and over the border.


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