The Congolians youth club caters for children in 5th and 6th class in Cong national school and 1st year post primary who attended Cong NS.

Congolians was set up in 2005 and is run by volunteers and parents. The role of these volunteers and parents is to promote the Congolians club as a youth development initiative. This initiative helps the club members to develop qualities such as caring, empathy, confidence, learn new skills and engage in activities that develop themselves and the community.

p1010980In the last couple of years we have worked with the Cong Tidy Towns with art projects displayed in the village. In 2015 the Club did a mural depicting the history of Cong which was displayed in the village. In 2016 the club took on an animal wildlife art project where they made brightly coloured 2D animals from marine ply and displayed them in a sculpture trail around the village.

There is also a free play time where time is set aside for table tennis, table football and games.

We rely on grants and funding to pay for projects and help with costs such as rent and insurance.

Group lead: Susan Devereux

Contact: +353 86 165 2745