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Who Are We? 

Cong Moytura Heritage Society was established in 2014 to promote the cultural and historical heritage of Cong and the surrounding area. The group is run by a small Committee that is elected annually. The Committee meets on a regular basis to plan and develop activities and initiatives.

Membership of the Society is open to all and all members will be advised of events and activities as they occur.

What Do We Do?


The group undertakes a number of activities. In particular we:


  • Promote heritage through research, literature, media, talks, exhibitions and events;
  • Support groups undertaking heritage initiatives within the community;
  • Provide support to St Stephen’s Day Heritage Walk;
  • Support the work of the Heritage Quarter in Cong Community Centre;
  • Design and agree Heritage Routes;
  • Develop links with other heritage groups;
  • Provide educational opportunities for members and the local community;
  • Support heritage development in the local area;


In the short time since the group was established we have undertaken a number of heritage walks and initiated a series of talks about the heritage of Cong and the surrounding area.

When Do We Meet?

Heritage talks take place every four to six weeks. Other events are undertaken on an ad hoc basis. Details of all events are publicised on our Facebook page and around the local villages and all members are notified by email.

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