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Club Details
Who Are We? 

Progressive 25 Card Games

3X2 Partners at each table

Prizes for highest no. of games won each night

10 week League from Jan to March with Overall prizes for Best 9 of 10 weekly scores

Entry Fee €5 per person each night

Even if you think you are not a good 25 card player – Come along – practice will make perfect and always remember – “It is easy to play them after they have been played”

Open to Everyone, it is a great night out at low cost and no pressure: only enjoyment and often what might have been if only……

What Do We Do?

Weekly social card playing.

Short Tea break at half time.

When Do We Meet?

Weekly, every Tuesday evening 8.30-10.30pm

Autumn & Winter

The Crossroads Community Centre

Refreshments Served

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